From uni to uni

How long does it take you to readjust from one unicycle to another?

It seems like some people take quite a while.
I can go out and do some trials riding, then go out on my Muni, and it dont take me long to adjust.


Ride a giraffe for 2 hours, then get on that MUNi!

a muni and a trials uni are pretty close in size, there is not much of a learning curve between the 2

From time to time, I take the whole fleet out in the car - say if I’m meeting another rider. The current fllet (wheel size/crank length) is

That’s some serious differences in characteristics.

I typically ride them the 50 or so metres to and from the car, one after the other, in any order.

I expect to be “in the groove” on any particular unicycle set up within 5 minutes of riding.

I go from a 24" with 170’s to a 20" trials with 125’s with in a few mins but a few more to forget about the bent pedal on the trials. Hey Joe should be going to buc depending on work ect I am on as the moab pictures r bein posted at the mo.

Try riding something like a 16", get used to that, then go immediately to a Coker.

The other week I rode Roger’s 29er with 89mm cranks on then went straight onto my 24" muni with 165s. It was difficult to get on, but once you adjust to how much force you need to put on the pedals that’s pretty much it, and that doesn’t take very long.

As with everything else it’s just practise, I guess…


I found once that it screwed me up when i started on a certian girraffe because it had twisted pedals and I did like 2 hours riding on that and then got on my 20" with 102 cranks and i couldnt ride for a bit.


Sometimes i have trouble lining up rolling hops when i go from my 20 trials to my 24 muni. I can usually tell if my pedals are going to be in a favorable position a few feet away from the thing that i want to hop…but sometimes switching unis messes that up.

I’d also agree that going from straight pedals/cranks to bent pedals/cranks and vise versa can be a funny experience. Sometimes you just dont know how bent something is and even get use to it until you have something to compare it to.


The hardest adjustment I have to make when switching between unis is the saddle. Going from the Miyata to the KH is no problem. However, going from the KH to the Miyata is something I don’t like to do. After a few hours on the KH, the Miyata feels like the kiddie Torker I used to ride.

For the change associated with the wheel and crank size and ratios, it doesn’t take more then a couple minutes to adjust.


I’ve noticed only two problem areas.

Going from a Coker to a 20", the 20" is real jerky at first (I think this shows the bad technique I get away with on the Coker by “relying” on it’s momentum/flywheel effect).

Going from 170mm (6.7") cranks to 125mm (5") cranks, I will occasionally miss my first mount; my 2nd foot just completely misses (overreaches) the pedal.

Yes Sofa, going from Giraffe to a 20" is weird!
Try doing one foot riding on a giraffe and then on a 20" :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: From uni to uni

With me, most of the readjustment gets done in the first few minutes.
To be /really/ at home requires more time. Switching unis becomes
easier if you do it more often, not necessarily right after each

While we’re at it, I had a funny experience a few years ago. My only
regular ride at the time was a 24" Semcycle. Then one day I tried a
24" unicycle with an axle that was eccentrically placed in the wheel
with moderate offset, 2 or 3 inches off the wheel centre. I found it
actually surprisingly easy to ride, requiring not more than a few
minutes to get used to. But then… after half an hour, I got back to
my normal wheel immediately after it. I couldn’t ride it at all! I was
almost convinced that something was severely crooked on my own uni,
but everything was fine - except myself. It took me a few minutes to
unbias my reflexes.

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I think profile should make some stronger 145mm cranks - Ryan Atkins

After I got my new Coker I naturally rode it exclusively getting used to it. Then one day I took the 20" off the hook. As I feared, freemounting the 20" after the Coker was a fiasco, but after a while I got the hang of it again. Riding it semed very unstable, too. I guess it took a couple of miles (a long way on a 20") for my body to stop comparing it with the Coker ride, but I was always very aware of how quirky the little wheel now seems to be. I’ve never tried getting off one and straight onto another, but I imagine it’d be hard.

o yeah did i say my trials has a bent peddal and crank, muni is still perfect!