From the sidewalk to the road :)

After a few 85-90 foot trips on the sidewalk, I finally decided to try the road. It is old, cracked/pot-holed pavement, but I decided to give it a try on the 20".
A side-road goes behind all the double-wide trailers where our garages are, so I started there. I actually went 100 yards or so and then a little around the corner. I had to dismount because I was about to ride into the hedge :slight_smile: I did this about 4 times and then decided to walk back across the yard to the main road. I leaned against my car, mounted the 20" and took off down the road. Again I got about 300 ft. before falling off.
I did that about 4 times and then tried practicing trying to mount from the curb. That will take a while since for me (being a newbie) the crown on the road is pretty steep :wink: I kept falling off. It could be my legs were starting to give out on me, but I was so excited that I wanted to keep trying.
Several cars drove by me and generally they all smiled or waved. One fairly elderly lady walked out to her car, saw me and said “you’re sure brave!” I laughed and said “yeah and a little crazy too!” She got a good laugh out of that and headed back into her trailer.
I tried a few more mounts by using the car, but started getting pretty clumsy so decided to quit.
I was hoping to be able to do this by the 24th (my one month anniversary to be on a unicycle), but even though I didn’t make it by that date, at least I am getting it done! :slight_smile:
Once I get a little smoother and cleaner, then I will start trying on the 24". I really want to get going on it because pedalling that 20" is a workout for this ofb :wink:

Re: From the sidewalk to the road :slight_smile:

Yeah. This sounds like success to me. Congratulations. You’ll be whizzing around on that 24" in no time.

itll be awesome when you can ride forever. and it sounds like you have made good progress.

o and exactly how old are you?:wink:

since when do you have a twenty inch?
please link my to the post i missed

habbywall, sorry you missed it. Here is link and quote:
“Hey everybody, great news
35+ft today and had to stop there because I ran out of real estate (sidewalk)! I was going good so continued out to the lamp-post and stopped there. The post is actually in the lawn, so I went to the end of concrete. I couldn’t get around the lamp-post anyway and wasn’t about to try a 3 inch drop to the lawn
Also, and it looks like I didn’t post it, but I was talked into buying a 20” Torker LX, so I already have 2 unicycles!! I did the 35 ft on the 20".
It’s a long story about estate money, but I said ok (I honestly was against spending money), and ordered it.
Sure different than riding a 24" (from a newbie viewpoint).
Any way, just wanted to tell you all the good news.
Thanks for all your help and encouragement (that makes it hard to quit but I don’t want to or intend to anyway!)."

The patio is 65feet long (length of the trailer) and ends at the lamp-post.
However, between the trailer and the edge of the patio (concrete) is a
24foot section of sidewalk that goes out to the curb of the road.
I never expected to lean far enough to the left to make it to the sidewalk section, so I ended at the lamppost when I got that far. Once I started making it all the way to the curb, I decided to hit the road :slight_smile:
Only problem with that is that the road, besides the poor condition, is made with chipped rock. When I dismount, it really shreds the front of the grip/handle. I literally have shreds of plastic hanging down in front :frowning:

Chosen, just shy of 53.

Sounds like you’re making great progress ofb. There will come a time in a couple of months when it is no longer such hard work and unicycling becomes a pleasure. Almost flying.


That’s what I am hoping/looking/aiming for.
Should my son come down for a visit sometime, I gotta be ready for him or the teasing will be unmerciful :wink:

Good job ofb,

like I said in a previous post, you’ll be whizzing off down the corner shop before you know it (assuming that you have corner shops in your neck of the woods).


The corner shops aren’t too far away :slight_smile:
I did make it somewhere between 200 and 300 yards a couple of times this evening and then put in a good 1/4 mile. I actually had to stop at the “T” in the road!
I am trying to learn curb mounting, but I am no good at that so far, so I have to walk back to the car, mount, and take off again. A few retired couples were sitting outside and were watching my progress. I’m sure I gave them a good free show for the night.
I still have a lot of work to do on my form. The wheel probably turns 15 degrees with each pedal stroke. About the time I get straight, then I am leaning too far forward…then “off to the races” to catch up with myself! :slight_smile:
This road is quite the obstacle course with all the cracks, potholes, manholes, steep crown, etc. I’m sure it would be a nice ride for most of you, but for ofb, it’s quite the adventure. I am all over the road searching for the easiest crossing. I’m probably doing maneuvers now that a pro couldn’t do!
Oh well, still moving onward and forward.
The 24" is going to be a luxury when I get going on it .

YAY !! to ye, OFB. Won’t be long before you order that 36" you are hankering after (or should be) and you will cruise over those pesky cracks, potholes and raised-ironworks, just like they weren’t there.


That’s all I think about :slight_smile:
I just hope I get one before my son does.

If you are successful in your transition to a 36" I will be happy for you and un-happy with myself. I just turned down an opportunity to get a 36" (at a good price) because it is more wheel than I feel comfortable with. It is heavy and a long way down if you fall. I can ride it but I have to hold onto a wall to get started. I am going to stick with my 29er for now. :frowning:

It could be the same for me.
All I know is that when I saw the Alps Unicycle Tour page, I was hooked. Then seeing some of the videos/clips, that just deepened the resolve. The land here is pretty flat so there are many miles to travel (when I am able to get out and about).
Who knows? The first time I see a 36" live, reality may set in :wink:
Till that happens, it is still my goal. Hey, gotta aim for something, eh?

I am not giving up for good, just giving up for now. I will continue with my 29er and try a 36" again some day.

hey, I am happy for you either way. At least you have one of them and tried the other!
Me? I’m still living in dreamland :wink: