From Coker to Oracle 36"

I bought a barely used Nightfox from a friend and changed the frame to an Oracle. It has a Nightrider tire and a Foss tube. The weight is approximately 15.5 pounds using a household scale. My Coker is 17 pounds. It feels very light.

My first ride was incredible. The Oracle makes turning, slowing down, speeding up so much easier. Very responsive to my movements.

I know the Coker is not in the same class as the Oracle, but I did not expect this much of a difference.

What other or similar huge improvements have you guys experienced?

Do you have 3 36ers, or are you calling the Nightfox “Coker?”

I have a Coker and I switched the Nightfox frame to the Oracle frame. So two 36ers and one Nightfox frame.

That makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification. For a while the term “Coker” was applied to any 36er, so it was a little confusing to me (everyone else probably figured it out though).

I wish I could do the same thing. I have a Nightfox, but with my short inseam, it’s difficult to ride a standard 36er. Using 125 cranks and a Nimbus Gel saddle, which sits pretty low, I was just barely able to fit on a Titan, but I will say that it did seem to be a bit easier to navigate. It is hard to say for sure, though, since my Nightfox has such a different configuration (cranks, saddle, saddle position). I know people that own both the Oracle and the Nightfox, and they say the Oracle is better, hands down. The general feeling is that the Nightfox has too much flex in the forks when extended beyond a certain point for riders with a longer inseam, which might be why the Oracle feels better to you, but I also wonder about the differences in how the saddle attaches. With the Nightfox, there is little or no real adjustment for the saddle, and the saddle on your Oracle may be sitting differently. Just a thought.

I think the biggest difference is the weight of the Coker tire and inner tube compared to the weight of the Nightrider tire and Foss tube. When you ride a Coker unicycle the momentum of the tire pulls you forward, if that makes sense. With the Nightrider tire you have way more control.

If there is anyone who can explain this better please do.