Frogs : A Street Video

Hi all,

Arthur Caron and

*Remi Vigneaud
*Adrien Delacroix
*Romain Bouschbacher
*Simon Teyssier
*Mathieu Belot
*Loic Baud
*Manuel Pellizzari

  • a last minute guest rider

joined their efforts to present you this french street video. It’s 23 min long and weights 260Mo.

Direct link

Enjoy !


I loved it. Nice editing and awesome riding. It was also nice to see Xav’s riding again. That roll hop was Huge! Anyway, a well-balanced video, there were no “dull” sections, which is unbelievable considering the length. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work! Make a lot more videos in the future!

i have to waits 5 hours and a half!!!:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

my computer wont upload the internet page, any other links? like to youtube?

Sorry, nothing like that for the moment.

Have you tried to right click on the link and save target as ?

Also, we recommend VLC to read it.


mhh bad download:( ask olaf( for uploading on the utv server

Very very nice video its crazy how many good street riders life in france.

Still cant believe the 360 down 8 stairs.

It keeps messing up so i cant watch:(

I tried it on the vlc player and it only showed the first 4 or five seconds and it won’t work on any other player!!! I want to watch this vid!

How did the rest of you guys watch it??

I only got 9 minutes of it…

Is this anywhere ready for bittorrent? Can someone post a tracker link?

I’ve got 5 minutes.

in the gallery

You can try to right click this link then save as frogs.avi or have a glance at

Youtube is limited at 10min of vid and dailymotion 20 min. I have nothing to cut it properly now.


cool, the gallery link is working fine for me!

And damn, that video is incredibly amazing. My favorite trick is definately the 360 down the 8-set!


It worked fine for me, I played it in Quicktime.

I thought it was awesome, all the riders were amazing

Fifthflip, wow that was great! I’ve noticed you french guys like to land most tricks seat in…interesting.
Tres Bien! C’etait fantastique!!!


really great. nice fith flip. xav is way good. loving all the crankroll tricks in there.

Yeah, Really great, and very funny the principle!!!:smiley: :wink:

WOW! That was so awesome. I think that is my favorite uni vid ever. All the riders were amazing.

Now I have some more stuff to practice:)

Haha, sorry for my ignorance to street tricks, but what exactly is this fifthflip? I didn’t get a good look at it, as it all went by soo fast.

Anyway, that was really exelent. Ace video.