fringe sports/activities?

This is an ideal thread for me to stop lurking and post.

UNDERWATER HOCKEY (Played for Argentina’s National Team)
Telemark Skiing (The least common of the main snowsports )


“Underwater hockey”? Is that what we used to call “Octopush” in the 1970s? A small round lead puck, a “pusher” a bit like a spatula, and snorkel equipment? Great game!

I Morris dance - for those who don’t know, it’s a traditional English dance, performed by a team of 6 or 8 people, plus a Fool. That’s me: Mike Fule, geddit? See

I fence: foil and a little bit of epée. I’m struggling at the moment with tendonitis, and having to fence left handed. That’s also why I’m not doing serious MUni, because of having to work the handle so much with that hand. See

I play harmonica - straight, not cross - for the Morris, and also play melodeon (a sort of squeeze box). I own but can hardly play a guitar and a cornet.

I also buy far too many CDs, mainly rockabilly, psychobilly and 1970s punk, but I have lots of jazz too.

cliff diving is fun

if you’ve never done it before, you can check out my first time on one of my video projects here. [its a whole 20 minute ‘episode’ of clips my friends and i release. the cliff diving portion is the last segment of the entire vdo].

[note: we’re mostly all korean, so there may be a few words/jokes/mannerisms that won’t make any sense to you. our later videos are edited so that they are geared more towards a general audience, with translations of any korean spoken dialogue for more clarity. check em out if you’ve got some time!

I race sailboats, 420’s, Laser’s, Opti’s sometimes.

I also am an extreme trampoleenist!

I also ride unicycles offroad! Think of that.

I do bicycle track racing (velodrome).
There’s a short video in the gallery if you’re interested.

It is still called Octopush in England, but Underwater Hockey in the rest of the world. The sport has evolved a lot since the 70’s. Now we flick the puck between 10-12 feet with a stick, and have National, Regional tournaments every year and World Championships every other year.