Friend in the business (to ben)

Hi Ben, by those pictures of you it looks like you might be about 14 years old and that’s how old I am, just thought that I would talk to somebody who is my age and know how to unicycle. I can’t wait to try a giraffe unicycle, once I get together with unicycle Utah I will probably get to ride one and a coker, the only unicycle I have is a 20" torker that I put a dirt bike tire on for mountain unicycling but my stupid left crank is coming loose I have to get a new one because I mushroomed my crank fittings. well just thought that I would like to meet you, and introduce myself.

Re: Friend in the business (to ben)

Hi it is Ben just to let you know I own 4 different kind of unicycles a free style, a trials, a 5’, and an ultimate wheel. When I went to Minnesota I got to ride a 4’ that I learned to mount. That gave me the basic form. When I was there I tryed “THE BIG ONE” a coker my dad helped me on. Later my dad was talking about free mounting so when he set it down I tried and got it (on the 5th time). It was about the same as mounting the giraffe.

By the way I’m 12.