Friday Afternoon Ride and Cops.

Got my new Coker together again with seatpost rail adaptor and new post to set the seat further forward. So I called Munipsycho for an early afternnon ride around Stone Mountain Park.

We meet at a Bank parking lot just outside the Park so others that meet us don’t have to pay to get in. If you ride in there is no entrance fee. So after a few minutes of taking pictures of the two of us smoking cigars while riding,(See Dogbowls dream) we headed into the Park. As we ride through the pedestrian entrance we pass an officer. For some reason I dismount right in front of him. I didn’t drop my Cigar though.:smiley: Anyway we exchange pleasantries, and I continue on our ride around the park. We have done this like 20 times over the past 6 months, so it isn’t the first time.

As we head down a really steep hill about a third of the way around the park a Park Ranger comes pulling up beside us with his lights on. Now I am like all ready to be pissed off since in the past, I have been pulled over(At a very dangerous time) while rollerblading around the park. He then pulls in front of us and during this time has said something to Munipsycho that I hadn’t heard. I pull up and hold onto the bed of the truck because, I really don’t want to have to freemount again. Since putting on the new seat adaptor I have been having a hell of a time mounting. I think the seat was too high. Anyway, I get around the front were the two are talking and this is what I see.

Then I realize what’s going on and go ahead and dismount. The Ranger it turns out had asked Munipsycho if he could try out his 29er. He has a cheap 20 inch and a 6 footer he rides in the Stone Mountain 4th of July Parade.

Here he is on my GB4/Stockton 36er after a little help mounting.

Here he is apparently trying to steal my new ride.:smiley:

And to think I was ready for the lecture about how dangerous these things are, and how we can’t ride here, blah, blah, blah. Needless to say this was a great experience and hope he will get together with us to ride in the future. Oh yea, sorry for the crappy quality, these are from my phone, we had put the real camera away before we started riding.

Thats cool. I wish the cops in my town were as cool as that. :slight_smile:

I seem to remember that it rained.

And then the phone went dead.

Maybe it’s just the psycho part of my identity, though.

The ranger was very friendly though. And tall, too. He had to be to ride my uni, because I keep the seat cranked WAAAYYY up there.

First off, that phone stunk, and anyone who speaks to you while your on it is thankful.:smiley: The new phone is much better.

Yea it rained. Man was that great! I love riding in the rain.

Oh and aren’t you on your way to San Diego?

That is so cool, Chad. Did he want to know if the cigars were Cuban?

I don’t think there was any question that they weren’t Cuban’s. :smiley: Munipsycho went all out, to provide cigars, but not that far out.

Cool story, Bugman!

BTW what seatpost did you put on, and did it do the trick?

It moved the seat forward, but I stayed in the same place. Not really any change. I just sit a little further back on the seat. It also makes it much harder to mount. Not a big fan of having the fron of the seat sticking up. Not sure how so many others ride like that.

I have a new frame on the way. Should be at the powder coaters next week. I am thinking that it will be waiting for me when I get back from NAUCC.

Breaks my heart to change frames. George was such a pleasure to work with. Rick has been good so far as well. Anybody want a brand new Limited Edition GB4 36er frame? Too bad there isn’t a crying smilie.

I went to Stone Mountain Park about two summers ago and camped along a river near there. Ever since I started unicycling about 6 months ago, and found out about Muni’ing 4 months ago, I’ve wanted to go to Stone Mountain and ride along the top of the rock. I’m not sure if they have any unicycling restrictions on the mountain, but I remember that we took a lift to the top and I’m not sure if they’d want a unicycling on the lift. Anyways… there’s nowhere to muni here in S. Florida :frowning:

You can’t ride on the mountain itself; only on the road around the park. But the conyers, GA course is a good granite course, and is close. Come on up. We’re always looking for an excuse to ride there.

Excellent Story! Even better pictures!
That is a Sun28 in the second photo? I seem to remember Munipsycho mentioning earlier in another thread that he rode a Sun28, and so if that is the case, it appears we now have an actual Ranger who has just joined the Sun28 Appreciation Society…

That is indeed a Sun 28 in the second photo. He was very impressed with it as well. I know the Sun gets grief from those that expect to be able to drop off a picnic table with it, but for a quicker commute it seems to be good. Munipsycho uses 127’s on it, and always keeps up with me. Of course the fact that he was a scholarship athlete in long distance running doesn’t hurt. While I am puffing weezing and gasping for air, he always asks if I am ready to go around again.:o Someday I will say yes.

So what kind where they? I love a good cigar story! Wait, this was about a uni cop? Well, My interests these days are cigars and unicycles. Not necessarily together, although there is a picture of me floating around from the LBI Unithon. Next time try a Puro Indian Chief


Correction: Munipsycho uses 102s on it.

The cigars were El Cheapo’s, or some convenience store brand. The place I bought them had three brands, so they were about a buck each.

You should post in Dogbowl’s Dream in JC!

Thanks for the recommendation. I need to get to a real cigar store. Lakeside Texaco is in very rural NC and just doesn’t have much of a selection.

LOL! Awesome stuff bugman :smiley:

I am not sure what they were even though Munipsycho told me. I don’t think I’ll be doing this much until I get used to mounting my Coker with the new seat set up. I just about got lung cancer trying to mount. I swear I inhaled half the cigar holding it in my mouth, huffing and puffing after missed mount after missed mount!:smiley:

Funny thing is I was going to say 120’s and for some reason that just didn’t seem right.:smiley: It was a lot closer than 127’s.