Freshies on Smuggler Mtn. Aspen, Co.

Nice snow MUni ride this morning, first of the season. There was about 12 cm new up top and a wet slush on the valley floor. A few aspens and cottonwoods are hanging onto their leaves, otherwise mostly everything else was white. This was our 5th weekend in a row of rain/snow, could mean a good ski season ahead, yipppeee:D .


That’s a skinny tire track there in the snow. Might be time to pull out the muni with a 3" tire. :wink:



Your right JC, I sure wish that I could get a 3.0 on the 29er. Bout the time I pull out the 24 x 3.0 will be the time I’m waxing up the tele boards.

I was cold, wet, couldnt see because my glasses were fogged up, ehh it wasnt that much fun … :smiley:

You’re fooling no one.

And I get that fogging problem all the time too.
Annoying, isn’t it?

Quite annoying, but it was expected. I carry extra lenses when I go for a long ride, and a cloth for cleaning lenses.

use de-fog. i use that when i go scuba diving, works really good.

Thx Ground Zero, I will look intothe de-fog.

12" of Snow here in Summit County in places.

Great pics!
That is the skinniest skin track I have ever seen…:wink: :wink:

I skied the white ribbon of death at the A-basin on Friday (Before the good snow fell :angry: )

Loveland opens tomorrow.
I should be totally stoked for skiing…

UPS is bringing me a Muni in the mail today…it’s all I can think about.

Don’t jinx it, man, don’t jinx it.

ah, you’re on the opposite side of the county to us. He’s just jinxing me…and my friends…and himself

aahhh, Smuggler. I have been lurking a while here and I enjoy your posts Mike. I used to work at the Times and lived in Woody Creek. The RFV is a great place to never grow up.

Smuggler is such a fun place. Used to ride it on two wheels after adult beverages @ the J-Bar.

Your posts are motivating me to get a big wheel. I would love to be able to do Indy Pass on one. It has nearly killed me on two wheels a # of times.

Keep up the great posts. So have you done summer road on a muni?

Maybe it’s time for some contact lenses (if your able to wear them)

im jealous… i want some pretty, fresh, white snow!!! Anyone willing to ship a few thousand boxes of it to me? Better yet God could throw some towards where I live…

The RFV is a great place to never grow up.
Nice one!
Glad my posts inspire, get that big wheel!
Summer road is steep, like Highlands. Some of it is uni hike, some of it is ride. But, the ride down is all sweet:D

we are wearing T-shirts in PIttsburgh–hehe- well i wore a t shirt and a cast
so i guess it’s kinda like a long sleeve (on one side)
but yea it’s warm here