FRESH NEW IDEA for suspension unicycles

here are some problems w/ current suspension systems:
they only eliminate bumps when you are on the seat
the new ones people are coming up with have complicated in-wheel systems that give up wheel strength

My Solution:
I think that the frame should have suspension (telescoping) somewhere between the top of each fork leg and the hub. The pedals shouldn’t be mounted directly to the hub. Instead, the pedals should be mounted on a piece that extends from the top of the fork. This way, the pedals/cranks get shock absorption that renders them separate of the wheel.
There would be some sort of drivetrain system going up the pedal/crank mounts, and back down the forks to the hub.

Unfortunately I don’t have CAD or n e thing to map it out, i’ll do a photoshop-ish drawing and post it on here, but if someone has CAD tools and wants to draw it up, show me if you do it.

PM me or tell me on the forum about what you think!

Another idea (stemming off my first):
rather than a complicated bracket that would allow the cranks to be mounted seperately but at the same level/position as the hub, you could just mount the cranks on the fork above the compression part
is there any way to counterweight the cranks so as to make your cranks feel like they’re in the middle of the wheel, or would it just take some getting used to and not matter?

How about not be pussys and just ride unis how they are? Haha, no, sounds cool but i dont know what your talking aobut, try your best to draw it in paint. then post it so we get a better idea

If that works, the drive train can also be used to gear it…That means you can use a small wheel…Coz if you use a big wheel and the cranks are located above the wheel then it’ll be like riding a giraffe(you don’t want that for muni)…

Hub-to-pedal suspension would be a nice design/engineering challenge, but I’m doubtful as to its actual usefulness. Saddle-to-hub suspension should be all that you need. If you’re off of the seat, your legs are acting as shock absorbers. If your legs flex enough to land you on the saddle again, then the suspension takes over. Or so I would figure it. I don’t think I’d want suspension between the hub and the pedals. My reflex system relies on my legs to tell it what the wheel is doing at all times in order to control it smoothly, and reducing the wheel-feel with a suspension would impair that, I think.

Here’s some interesting older discussion on suspension unicycles - .


Let’s get some uni’s with 8" of travel along with a clutch so you can freewheel it then we’ll see people riding the drops at the Redbull Challenge. Intense.

Re: FRESH NEW IDEA for suspension unicycles

No, it wouldn’t work. It’d be easier to do something in-wheel, and it’d be better to ride. Attaching the pedals and cranks to the frame would just suck.

I still dont see why someone couldnt make a lightweight tweel for unicycles.


Because tweels AREN’T light, they’re full of rubber everywhere. It’d be like thick rubber spokes the whole width of the wheel, with extra rubber for stability.

A lightweight tweel could be made, since it wouldnt have to stand up to the abuse that cars or motor vehichles apply, the wheel could be much lighter, I think.

No, you’d still have to have a lot of rubber in there to get the same support as in a regular unicycle wheel. The rubber would still have to be as wide as the wheel to keep the tread part from moving sideways, and you’d still have to have a lot of rubber between the rubber spoke fins, otherwise they’d never hold up to the weight, they’d just buckle straight down.

Theres really no need for squish on unis. For trials, you dont want suspension because all it will do is absorb your push to jump (unless we make “platform” shock), but still, for trilas its out of the question. As for muni, I think it would prevent you from keeping in firm mental and physical contact with the trail; you lose your feel.

SOMEONE ELSE AGREES WITH ME, FINALLY. DK is exactly right. You could not hop on a suspended unicycle, the suspension would soak everything up. That is their job, to soak up bumps.

unless someone makes a platform valve like a lot of bike shocks are now- It is rigid under pedaling, but when a bump hits it, an interia valve opens up the suspension. I would still make trials unis un suspended anyways.

my idea… all $.02

Hi I am totally new to the forums. I’ve only had my uni a week, best ride about 10 ft so far ( but i am free mounting to do it :slight_smile: ). Any way i saw a fewe posts about the suspension stuff today and figured i’d throw my idea on the fire. Please note this is NOT TO SCALE. its just something quick to get the idea across. This will allow you to use an adjustable shock and te frame along with the pedals travel as one unit floating on the shock. This picture shows one half the other side would be identical. The frame hac been really simplified so that it didnt block any of te mechanics. I would love to hear feedback.