Hi, i’m a french street unicyclist, i can’t create a gallery on this website, i don’t understand why :thinking:
But, you can check my website for see some pics and vids of me…


Wow! That is some incredible skill! I can’t seem to get the video page to work, but really enjoyed seeing the photos!

Yeah, cool photos. The website is a little hard to navigate. I wanted to scroll down but there was no scroll bar. Fix the video, I want to see. :smiley:

I did some pecking and found it. Here is the link to the video:

Thanks !! yeah, i know that my vids don’t play :angry:
i would like to put them on a gallery of unicyclist or somethings like, i don’t find… :frowning:
if anyone can create me a gallery on unicyclist, that’s cool;) and you will can see my videos (vids very very cool :wink: )

Xavier, just change the link on ‘Video 1’ to be ‘

The link now is a local address, which, obviously, we can’t get to.

Thanks for the link hecklar. The video was incredible. I was really impressed with the gap-to-grap on the rocks.

Thanks, i have a lot of problem with this website applications (Macromedia Flash), i’m a newbie in webmastering, but thanks for your addvice. i will change the links.
I work on a new video better than the first one, i will inform you when i have finish.

Thanks, i’m happy that you like my video :slight_smile:

No problem. That video is amazing, so it was worth hunting for.

Xav, how do you like that Koxx saddle? It looks like it would be amazing with respect to comfort and control, but there aren’t any distributors over here. How does it compare in comfort to the Miyata and KH saddles, if you have experience with all three? Is it the comfort of a KH with the control of a Miyata? That’s what i’d expect.

i will try to explain how is koxx one saddle but my english is very bad so sometimes i can’t say what i think…
The koxx one saddle is an hybrid version between the KH and the Miyata, she’ve got the form of the miyata (that’s very good for sidehop), she’ve got the base of the KH (very good for solidity), and she’ve got an AWESOME handle like KH but with another thing that i can’t explain with my bad english…:frowning: But, all the people who have try this saddle like very well them!
i addvice you to get this saddle…

Wow! That was a great video. It had almost everything. I really liked that small rail that you rode really quickly, and the funny fall when you were trying to grab the round rail.

Brilliant movie, nice variety.


Very nice video! Not my favorite music but FANTASTIC riding. Congratulations.


I liked it too. I noticed that your feet slip on the pedals when doing sidehops, one time I’m pretty sure it came off. I was wondering if you even notice it or if you think its a problem. Also is that you in the picture in the first post? That’s an amazing picture.


man that was awesome. it makes me want to gt better.

Wow man… Very nice stuff…very nice…

Hell of alot better than MY France video that’s for sure.

That’s one cool video Xavier- awesome riding!


Holy crap…Will you marry me?


On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 12:40:39 -0600, “hecklar” wrote:

>Xavier, just change the link on ‘Video 1’ to be

And if you (not Xavier but anyone) go up one level, i.e. to
<> you can click on the other
videos, and more photos too.

The picture “i-aie.jpg” would quite well fit in a helmet debate.

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Yes, you can “save target as” all my videos with this links…
I addvice you to see Contest Xtreme Jam, i do a nice gap…:wink:

I was very suprised this morning, i see a lot of messages that people like my video ! Thank you !!
I will give you the link when i will finish my next video !

Those videos are sweet dude. Good riding all around. I liked the editing in the unicon one, it was wicked.