French UNISTREET come back...

i begin my new street video, the first filming day was saturday so if you want to see the little video, go to
and right click on “Xavier Collos.avi” and “save the target as…”
there are some new street tricks, handrail grind, backward stairs… i contact you when i will finish my BIG street video.
(Excuse me for my bad english…)

Amazing riding, some really innovative tricks in there! Can’t wait to see more of it.


Hey, that was awesome riding, i have to say. youve got a unique style. your 360 footplant with a 540 unispin is awesome, and you pull it off crazy smooth. when i can ride again, i’ll be learning that trick for sure. anyways, keep that up for sure.


That is some of the best street riding I’ve seen. You’ve got an amazing style and I can’t wait to see the big movie. Wow.

That was an incredible video. great job!

yeah that was a very nice vid, i have a style very similar to yours