french unicyclist - TRIAL/street

hello, my name is léo, i’m french, more precisally toulouse.
i rided unicycle for 2 years.
I send my 3 videos which I make during last year.
hope you enjoy

my first
my second
my third

Very nice.

I found the thrid to be most entertaining, because the clips were full for the most part, and It didn’t look like you were about to bail right when the clip ended.

Great riding!

Whats your highest jump now?
Nice videos too, I was entertained :slight_smile:

entertaining videos. the music kinda scared me in the first two but were worth watching anyways just muted. nice video with a good mix of other skills in there.

…cool vids i liked the second one… pretty funny and respect for your cigar box skills, you’re pretty good in that, also the bounce juggling on the rola bola is impressiv… and for sure the riding is good as well :wink:

Extreme Wheelbarrowing!!! I loved all the unicycling stuff and all the non unicyling stuff to, excellent stuff!


Can you do double barrel flips yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t know exactly… maybe 80cm approximatly :slight_smile:

scuse me, don’t understand double barrel flips… :thinking:

thanks for all what you say!

In your first vid while holding onto your wheel barrow you flipped it to the side w/o droping it.

I thought all three vids were good by the way.

Wow you rock. I enjoy your bails also.