French Uni Mag issue #4

Hi everybody!
all is said in the title, the rest is here

awesome! is there an english version though?

thx thats awesome… but is this legal?

and secondly thx i usually check the FFM site but havent lately…

Yes, “Le girafon fédéré” is totally free:) …enjoy it while that lasts;)

@ Blegas: No english version, unfortunately. Some french unicyclists and I wanted to make one, but soon realized that the translating process was really hard and the first issue would have been published more than a year after the original (and be mostly obsolete)

Wow, what a beautiful magazine! Now I wish I could read French, even more than when we were in Paris last summer after Unicon :smiley:

Is there a place where we can download issues 1-3?

Yes, you can find it here.


Merci Beaucoup! More great issues! I even found a few of my own photos in there. :slight_smile:

To translate it, you can copy/paste into google

or babelfish

I like the photo of Irene and grafitti. Handle bars on a coker.
Nice work, P’tite AS

For the issue #3, Javier Ruiz’s interview, I asked you if I could use your pic and you said yes. Is there any other one we’ve used without asking ? I think it’s important to ask, sorry if we didn’t.

Beautiful magazine - I can’t read enough French to really get everything, but the pics are awesome. Thanks!

There were two basketball pictures from Tokyo and a shot of Javier riding the Obstacle Course at Unicon V. One or more of those may have been on his web site though, as I had clicked through to that. Anyway, I’m sure they were used with permission. No problem!

The picture was taken last year when she lived in “our good old Nantes”

Yeah, welcome to P’tite AS fan club ;)… though she didn’t work as hard on this issue than on the previous ones (Sorry An’so) her help is still very precious to us;)

Cough, cough, beging for recognition :wink: :smiley: