French Cup: pics, video and best videos at the video contest

Last October 27th-29th, the French Unicycling Cup was organized in Nantes (in Brittany would say Zzagg)

That was really a nice event, too short…

#1: Playmonobil by Kristof

#2: Vasipaulette 2006 by the Vasipaulettes

#3: Vidéo street 6 by Manu

And for those who are able to read French

Nice, I love that video from Manu! Really good filming and riding.

I cant believe that playmonobile won the video competition… The video was long and boring to me

that’s not a unicycling movie, it’s a lego movie.

nice looks like you guys had alot of fun.

wow manu has really gotten good. his was my favorite!!


Woow, Manu’s video is good.
I just can’t believe he broke a CF seatbase flipping that set :astonished:
That’s just sick dude :sunglasses:


Call this the “french touch” or “french cultural exception” but to me it was the most entertaining video.
That’s a matter of taste anyway… just like comparing a Woody Hallen movie with Impossible Mission III.
After seeing this vid, I couldn’t help but think “Wow! the others may even do the sillyest tricks, it will be hard to make a better vid” I guess the jury thought the same.
It was kinda “refreshing” to see a different video, I mean something different than “Look at my best tricks!” video clips.

Palymobile, actually;)
Why don’t you consider it as a unicycling movie? ain’t it unicycle related?

I liked Playmonobile too, although I think it should have an 18 certificate with all that graphic violence:)

…You’re probably right:o … On the other hand, I’ve seen some japaneese cartoons that were much more violent than this one (not 18 certificated)
…and they’re only playmobile, I’m certain you couldn’t see anything but smiles on their faces (even during the violent scene):stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

thanks for your comments,

I think it’s fair that playmonobyl won, it’s a funny video, unicycle related and it’s pretty original.

Je me sens visé là. :stuck_out_tongue:
En tout cas, ça c’est une manière de faire passer le concept de vidéo à l’americaine à des americains.


Désolé Manu:o je ne pensais pas spécialement à toi… et ta vidéo était super;)
I’ll go on with this post in english if you don’t mind;)
It’s not that your vid was bad, I liked it and you are a talented street rider. It’s just that Playmonobile was so original that your vid was melted with the others in my mind.
Anyway the rabbit is out of the hat now, I doubt someone will try and make this kind of stop motion video for the next video contest, it would just look mean.
I bet next time we’ll have our load of “à l’américaine” vids, and that’s fine for me;) :smiley:
Keep on the good work Man’ :sunglasses:

I think it was the best.

In a video contest the editing should be the most important part to win.

Can someone please put the playmonobile one in the gallery or somthing, because I can’t watch it for some reason, it won’t load properly.


Is this better?

Manu is a Legend, I love all his vids and he was riding well at UNICON too. Keep up the good work mate!


didnt like the music in the first movie(music recked the movie for me), good riding, checking out the others now…