French Cup : outcome and pictures

The first French Uniycling Cup took place on October 30-31 and November 1st, under the auspices of the French federation FFM and hosted in Dinan by the local club La Beaumanoir.

The organization was well done and although not everything was fully perfect, it is to my opinion a great achievement.

The disciplines were : athletics (100 m, 400 m, 4x100 m, 50 m one-foot, 30 m wheel-walking), trial, basketball, freestyle/artistics, IUF obstacle course, 10 km and cross-country, plus maybe a few ones I forgot.

You can read the results here :

You can look at pictures here :
You will also recognize Jonathan from London and Constance from the Twin Cities Unicycle Club, as well as faces you have seen before in the Tracks TV report on urban freestyle (

Those who haven’t had time to learn French yet may jump directly to the following sub-albums :


Freestyle competition and entertainment :

Athletics :

Trial :

Races (cross-country and 10 km) :

Award ceremony :

Miscellaneous (juggling, sightseeing, atmosphere) :

Due to our government decision to restrain days to 24 hours, we have no video yet, but this is planned in an unforeseeable future…

Great trials course!

Yes indeed.

Action pictures here: