Freezing Bearings/Riding in cold temperature?

Well i was curious about your peoples experience with riding below 0 Degrees Celsius/ 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Do your guys’ unicycles become “slow” below freezing temperatures?

Today i went out for a little ride, and had to shovel some pavement before i could actually start riding. And when i did actually start (after my unicycle had been outside for about 15 minutes) the wheel seemed to drag in the frame. (this was about -10 Celsius/14 Fahrenheit ) Now i know the laws behind temperature in terms of things shrinking and expanding, so i was curious that if the temperature will “crush” my bearings. I do like to keep them on (in normal temperatures) pretty snug, so i was wandering if that combined with the cold will possibly cause Damage?

And final question, does anyone know of a distinct number of N/square inch in which the bearing holders should be tightened down? If it matters any, the Frame and Hub/bearings are KH

I have a Nimbus frame and Nimbus ISIS hub, I’ve never felt anything wrong in below 0 degrees celcius temperatures. The coldest I’ve ridden in was -34 celcius and even then, my unicycle was still working perfectly! :slight_smile:

I dont know if it causes damages to the bearings, but I never had bearing problems with my Torker hub either (except for rust).