I think there should be a freewheeler thread in the General Discussions. Not sure how many peeps read the video section with the diaries of Unimyra and Waaalrus.

Today I finally tried out my 20" freewheeler uni. Jeez it is different. It felt like having to start from scratch again, holding on to the wall. Even though I hold the brake to mount, the pedals just rotate to the vertical position. After 30 mins I managed a few times to ride 4-5 rotations as long as I would keep riding forward and not rotate back for balance. Unlike Unimyra I didn’t end up on my butt… yet. Also noticed that the metal pins in the pedals are stickier than on my trials, so it was a bit harder to get off when UPD-ing. Between when I got the uni last Tuesday and today, I had already had dreams about riding it and that went soo smoothly. Riding for real is a diff story.

For now I should be able to practice this in my living room, since I can’t get further than a few metres and I can’t freemount the darn thing.

Congratulations on joining us freewheelers! Just so you know, there’s a thread called “adventures in freewheeling” that surfaces from time to time with a lot of great information, including several mounting strategies (I think it’s on page 2 right now).