Freewheeling by accident

I was going a little too fast while adjusting my feet on the pedals and started to freewheel when they slipped off. It’s not the pedals, totally operator error. I rolled around 3 or 4 revolutions before I crashed. I usually protect myself pretty well when I fall, but I was out of control in this situation. Is there a technique to dismounting while freewheeling?

This same thing happened to me when I was wearing my 5.10s and was trying out my new much gripper pedals. I was trying to dismount but couldn’t get my foot off the right pedal so the wheel just kept rolling underneath me until I fell. I think if I had sat back and let the wheel roll out in front of and away from me, I could’ve been more graceful. But the good news is my new set-up is much stickier!

I don’t think that there’s anything you can do other then stay on as long as you can and then run it out. Unless you have a brake on your uni, then I suspect it would be best to use it to slow yourself down before falling off.

I did exactly the same thing on Wednesday!! It’s terrifying, but bet it was hilarious for my dad, who was cycling next to me :slight_smile: I fell backwards, slid along the floor, and my uni was fired forwards a few feet. Escaped with a scraped knee and a complete loss of pride and dignity… Dunno how I’m going to escape it if it happens again though…

I call this accidental coasting and it sometimes happens to me when I play unicycle basketball (trying to save a ball from going out of bounds) and fixed wheel mountain unicycling. It happens more often when I’m practicing coasting and riding my freewheel unicycles. It’s not easy to prepare for unless you try to practice it specifically. The best reaction depends on your environment. For instance, if you’re going to careen off a cliff fall backwards mountainside. Otherwise you might practice high speed dismounts off the back (not the side). Besides going off a cliff the big danger is getting tangled in the cranks or having them take your feet out. Depending on the scenario and how much time you have you can also try to push down on the seat either to get the unicycle further ahead of you or to give yourself a little lift before your feet hit the ground. I’m kind of used to it now on my freewheel unicycles and can usually ride it out in control.

Thanks for the feedback. My feet and or legs did get tangled in the cranks. I was powerless to control my fall. I had the hillbilly gloves on that protected my wrists, but my fingers stretched a little too far back on one hand. I wonder if my wrist would have been injured if I didn’t have the gloves on. I also felt that I was close to dislocating one of my knees. This was probably one of my scariest falls.

Try using some flatter pedals. When I rode V8s, my feet would constantly ‘roll’ off the front - with flatter pedals, especially if they have larger platforms, it’s less of a concern. Nukeproof electrons seem quite popular but I can’t give you my verdict on them as I’ve only used them a handful of times.

I have the deity pedals. Thet are pretty flat and grip well, sometimes too well. I’ll just have to be careful and hopefully manage my fall better if it happens again.