Freewheel unicycling the de Anza trail - 36 inch edition 11-2-2013

That’s pretty amazing. It looks like you’re becoming more comfortable with it.
(I’m still a little too chicken to try it.)


That’s pretty cool-----Nice job.

You’re definitely improving your skill. Do you feel like you have to move less and less?

Thanks! Like anything else it becomes easier the more you practice. I’m a huge chicken myself. What I like about freewheel is you can start slow and gradually try going faster.


What kind of moving are you referring to? The balance adjustments from coasting at the start of the video? Yes, in general these become more subtle over time although they are sometimes a reaction to the terrain so will not go away completely.

Mostly your forward and backward movement but this covers it.

Nice work! No ladies and gentlemen mount?

After I warm up for a few minutes I can get the “regular” mount down. The key thing is to leap high off my left foot and pull the uni towards me with my right foot. And that’s on the 114mm cranks I prefer to ride with. However, I think a cool mount would be to start with both legs on one side and coast for a while then throw a leg over when I feel like it.