Freewheel unicycling loops at the de Anza trail 2-15-2014

I like to ride my freewheel unicycle on the BMX style tracks on the de Anza trail in Atascadero, California. I’m not quite able to “pump” yet but I’m getting there. I can go fast enough to catch air but need to work on my landings. Stay for the outtakes at the end.

A true legend! You’re getting really good at this. I’ll stick to the lower danger level of normal fixed wheel, but keep making videos!

That’s a really neat video waaalrus :slight_smile: Cool uni skills
I couldn’t imangine I could ever do anything like that :astonished: Though I wouldn’t mind trying.
Okay, you fell off a few times but hubby commented that it looks as if you knew you were going to come off just before the uni decided you were coming off. You have control over that uni, you’re the boss ! Sometimes I think my uni’s are in control of me :wink: If that makes sense…
Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough, Great video :smiley:

Nice riding. Thanks for sharing. The learning in this sport just never ends.

Excellent skills. Very enjoyable to watch.

Great work- thanks for putting the video together

Thanks! I don’t know about danger levels. My freewheel muni skills far exceed my fixed wheel muni skills now.

Thanks! My main exceptional skill is the ability to practice which comes in handy since it can take me six months to learn something other people get in two days. You can always try to work on regular coasting practice, especially if you have a 20" uni handy. That’s an astute observation about falls. They come in all the flavors of the rainbow, just like on a fixed wheel unicycle, but I often can tell when I’m past the point of no return on losing my balance.

You’re welcome! One of the great things I like about the freewheel is that there’s no end to the learning curve. I can always try to go a bit faster in control.

You’re welcome! I make videos mainly for me to watch and to have a snapshot of my riding skills at the time but I’m glad that other people enjoy them, too.