Freewheel unicycling beyond the fence 12-14-2013

Gravity is a wonderful force.

that looks SOO smooth and exciting…I totally want a freewheel uni now. haha. but nope…will have to stick with fixed 29er (back to sulking about not getting myself xmas present since i got rejected by my top choice college) :sunglasses:

It’s amazing what a walrus can do!

Perseverance is my main skill. Riding a freewheel unicycle is a proficiency skill that anyone can learn if they put in the practice, similar to learning to ride a regular unicycle. I think it was easier for me to learn because I don’t learn anything quickly.

LOL! Nice to know I’ve got that going for me at least.

How does that work? It’s nice to think that learning these kinds of skills slowly, as I do too, could have an upside. I just am not seeing how it could make it easier. I find it rather frustrating, which suggests the opposite, since the hardest part is not giving up, and that has been very hard, indeed, on several occasions. Of course (most) everybody does encounter that, it’s part of the learning process; but learning on the slow end of the bell curve just makes perseverence that much more important.

I spent a year and a half learning to ride one footed backwards and I’m not even very good at it. It wasn’t the only thing I was working on but I spent between 2 and 5 hours a week at it. I’ve learned other things in six months that haven taken other people a couple of days. Since I learn most tricks or skills slowly I’ve learned to notice and appreciate the subtle progress I do make and to set small goals all along the way. It’s not always about progressing from n to n plus m revolutions but feeling a little bit more control at the same n revolutions. I also think that going slowly also helps me learn what types of falls are possible and to work up to them in a safer manner. I love to practice! My favorite part is doing something like trying to ride a trail and barely being able to ride at all getting dozens of UPDs. I try to remember each spot because I know that with more practice I’ll ride through those same spots. Progress is inevitable.