Freewheel unicycle
So I was looking to build a freewheel unicycle. I have the hub pulled up above. I’d like a 24 inch. Do you have any idea what parts to get so that they are all compatable? Thanks!

Do you plan on using a brake? A disk brake? Do you want high end parts or just something that is functional? Do you have pieces laying around looking for a home?

The quickest easiest way of doing it if you don’t want a brake would be to buy a square taper 24 like a Club or Torker LX and swap out the hub. You may or may not need shorter disk side spokes but that isn’t too big of a deal.

On the other end of the spectrum you could go high end with a disk. If you add some bearing shims and some equivalent square taper cranks you would have a really nice top end freewheel unicycle.

Of course there are all sorts of options in between. The main thing is if you put it in a frame meant for an ISIS hub get the bearing adaptors (especially if using a d’Brake disk adaptor), and you will need square taper cranks.

If you’re trying to go cheap do what saskachewbaca said.

The only tricky thing about that hub is the bearing size. If you want to use the disk brake without modifying the frame you’ll have to use a frame built for an ISIS hub. The one you have is a cotterless hub so you’ll need to purchase bearing adapters to make them the right size. You’ll either need an adapter to mount the actual brake caliper or you’ll need a frame with a built in tab. You can buy any cotterless cranks that you want to go with it. Other than that it’s just like selecting parts for a normal unicycle.

Thanks! I’d found a fully built wheel and was looking into it. I would like high end parts, something that will last a long time. A guy at my local bike shop said he’d be willing to put in a disk break for $60. Are all parts compatiable, or do I need to look for certian parts?

Not all mechanical disk calipers are thin enough to fit on all unicycle setups. I think this is more of an issue for crank mounted disks. Hydraulic brakes and most higher end mechanicals should fit.

I prefer mechanical brakes. I use a TRP Spyre or Spyke and a 180mm rotor to get enough clearance. I have some steel frames with disc tabs I got welded on but the Qu-Ax QX aluminum frame has a post mount and works well (but may be hard to get depending on where you are). The new 27.5" Oracle aluminum frame has a disc tab. That would be a little big but could work. I’d avoid the D’Brake beyond the initial learning to ride phase.