Freewheel unicycle small jump practice 5-16-2013

I recently started practicing jumping on my freewheel unicycle. I wanted to get a video snapshot of my current progress so I can compare in a couple months.

All of your freewheel-pioneering is amazing. Thanks for sharing what you’re doing.

Thanks for the encouragement! Obviously I need to work on getting faster and jumping higher. My goal is to be able to do a jump with a separate launch and landing. The next thing I want to practice is coasting through berms if I can find a suitable practice location.


now someone needs to invent a uni that can shift from fixed gear to neutral, would be great for downhill sections.

No problem; just take the planet gears out of a Schlumpf. :wink:

I don’t know that that would work; I’m just guessing. But if it does, I’ve already invented it. It seems like a reasonable guess. I’m guessing shifting might be a bit of a challenge, but people shift Schlumphs all the time when they’re not trying to start or stop freewheeling. So maybe it is impossible or maybe it is no biggie once learned.

I’ve seen mentions of a clutch in various threads but I don’t think pure neutral would be very useful. I use pedaling as a balance correction and momentum on trails dies down pretty quickly. If you could switch between fixed and freewheel that would be useful for very technical terrain where a lot of hopping is necessary. You can do this on a freewheel but it requires more coordination with braking.