Freewheel unicycle 180 turns

I’m getting my 26" freewheel unicycle soon so I wanted to get 180 turns down on the 20" so I can compare. My driveway has a slight incline and I figure this type of turn will be useful riding in a skatepark.

You’re getting super-good at that :astonished:

Can’t wait to see the 26" in action (and definately want to see it doing some rough stuff!)

Thanks! It’s a lot of practice. I’m hoping the 26" works out well.

Nice video! :slight_smile:

Can you pedal backwards on a freewheeling unicycle?

Thanks! On a freewheel the wheel moves when you pedal in one direction (forward in my case) and the pedals just spin around if you pedal in the other direction without moving the wheel (backward in my case). It makes that chk-chk-chk sound when the wheel’s moving and the pedals aren’t which seems a little weird to other unicyclists when you’re following behind them on a trail.