Freewheel hub

I am looking to purchase a freewheel hub similar to the one in the Coker Wheelman mini-penny. Would anyone out there know where I may purchase such an item? Also would anyone know who the manufacturer of the hub is?

I am in Australia so I cannot buy from Coker cycles.

You could possibly use the hub from a Huffy Slider drift trike. Not sure if these are available in Aus, but these are similar to the Coker Wheelman freewheeling hub. The Slider has a 28-spoke wheel, so its not terribly good quality. Huffy also made a better quality drift trike with a 48-spoke wheel, but my sources tell me that production of this model has now ceased, though you might be lucky to find one somewhere. Good luck!

Romain from CDK shop had some hubs made by a friend, it’s possible on these hubs to have freewheel or normal hub behaviour by tightening bolts. Ask him

Thank you for the replies. All sorted now. :slight_smile: