Freewheel hub X

I know i’ve heard of atleast three people making unicycles with freewheel hubs, but has anyone tried taking one of these down a half pipe, or the like?

And if not for those that have ridden one, how possible would you think this would be? how stable are you when coasting, and can you even hop, because I heard it was difficult when you cant pedal backwards.

I’m thinking about making one but I don’t want to waste my time and money if I can’t have fun with it.


Hopping is very very very hard, and I have only done 1 rolling hop on my coaster ever.

But I never rode it down a half pipe, but I have done some steep hills. So sure, I guess it is possible.

Thanks, I was just curious really. Because once they are made I think uni’s with clutches will change things alot, and I was wondering what we may start seeing. Although no one is working on clutched uni’s :frowning:

i want one that coasts! that would be sooo incredibly cool

A coasting uni does sound like a good summer project, any advice on building one, or is there a thread about it somewhere here, lemme check…

they are possibly one of the easiest things to build.

you need to buy one of those trike thingys with the big plastic back wheels, i thnk they call them green machines take off the front wheel and attach it to your unicycle

that said… if you wanna do it the easy way. or you could do it the hard way if you want

I might make one, but first just a few questions.

What is the ID on the axle?, and do they slap onto the unicycle pretty easily? Also isn’t that wheel plastic, how hard would it to be to add spokes, and actually build a real wheel? I plan on trying seat in hops, and maybe taking it down ramps, and pipes.

no idea on ID… look for one with spokes on it already, they arent really that hard to find and also they slap on a unicycle very easily.

Which one is Nick Dijohn wats his handle on here?


Does nick di john have a user name on here? Also how does the freewheel work?

I was thinking that with the right technique riding a uni with a clutch you could possibly hop even higher/further than bikes.

ie: you let the hub free-wheel to gain speed, then when you want to jump, engage the hub and push off the back pedal. The forward momentum of the unicycle would be instantly translated into upward force on the back pedal, launching you into the air! That is, assuming your legs and the hub could widthstand the stress.

Sort of like a rolling hop, but without limitations on how fast you can go before the jump, and without needing precise timing to get the pedals in the right position

Originally posted by MERCYME
Does nick di john have a user name on here? Also how does the freewheel work? [/QUOTE
Its freewheel… like on a bike. Its like a ratchet gear. :roll_eyes:

YEah thats pretty cool. Is it kinda like the impossible wheel ?

I never thought of that! I figured if you got the balance down you could jump just as high as you would normaly beable to on a unicyle without the annoying timming, and if you were lucky, a little higher because you could get higher speeds. But what I was mostly looking forward to with a possible clutch some day, was that you could use pipes and ramps to get lots of speed. But with the new idea of using your forward momentum in your pedals to get height is a great one! Only problem is you need a clutch to test it, where as you can test pipes and ramps with a freewheel hub.

The problem is that its really really really hard to ride one on flat, level ground, let alone a half pipe.

If it is built right, a clutch might be able to help with that too -

Leaning too far backwards? Engage the pedals a little bit and put pressure on the back pedal so the hub will act like a brake.

Leaning too far forwards? Engage the pedals and do a quick forward “thrust” pedal for a revolution or less to get back in balance

I’ll agree with that 100%, but its was hard to ride your unicycle on flat level ground at one time as well, and I’ve seen some crazy stuff done on bc wheels, and I think a seat between your legs would further help stability, but even on bc wheels people are on reletivly flat ground. The question is now, is with some practice would the balance needed to lets say, go down a quarter pipe with a clutched uni, be humanly resonable.

I’d like to repeat resonable.

But on the pluss side, is that you can get up to speed on a clutched uni before you start to coast, and relative speed = stability. Also that dosn’t exactly mean you can go down a pipe ^^