freewheel hub learning

Im thinking of learning to ride free wheel hub on my unicycle 24 inch
Has any one got any tips on how to learn to ride freewheel ?
How long did it take to learn ?
Also whats the cheapest option for getting a freewheel hub?
I have all the other parts

I haven’t tried myself yet, but

waaalrus has a great thread: Adventures in Freewheeling:

As for hub, I know there is at least 1 thread about using a freewheel hub from a trike. I’m sure you can find it with a search.

I used to recommend to people that learning to coast on a regular unicycle was a good first step. My reasoning was that would tell someone if they would stick with the practice required and also give them a good step up towards riding the freewheel. However, there are different freewheel riding styles and you don’t actually have to coast if you don’t want to. I created a video tutorial at:

I was riding after a few hours of practice and riding decent distances in a week or two, but everyone’s different. There are skills that took me six months to learn that took other people a couple days.

The cheapest option is if you can find a Huffy Green Machine (or Slider) wheel and put it on an old unicycle frame. However, that will require bending the frame and getting special bearings. I recommend the Nimbus Drift Trike Disc hub:

For putting a brake on you can get away using a D’Brake but if you plan on riding a lot I recommend finding someone who will weld a disc brake tab onto your frame so you can mount the caliper on that.

Building the wheel is no different than for a fixed unicycle. Here’s a playlist with some of my freewheel videos:

Good luck!