Freewheel curious!

Funnily enough I use almost exactly that combination, but with either original Nukeproof Electrons, or identical shape alternatives with moulded plastic pins instead depending on what I’m riding.
The plastic pinned ones are just a little less grabby so I tend to use those for freewheel and road riding.

Well, I don’t know the electrons, but there’s a huge difference in pin placement and pin shapes (not just material) with flat pedals.
The ones I mention above really bite the sole. Here’s a nice test review of various pedals:

So the Electrons are what came before the Neutron Evo and are marginally superior in their build quality (with two end caps being the most obvious thing), but otherwise almost identical. My pair are third hand, have not been lightly used, and the original bearings are still buttery smooth. I’m not sure I’ve even ever stripped them down for maintenance! Maybe I should get on that.

My biggest Nukeproof frustration is that their seals have always been crap - and that article sadly suggests that the Horizon Pro are the same which is a shame for the price they command!

I can’t say anything bad about those pedals since I never had to maintain them so far.
The only set of pedals that I wrote off last year is the set that came with my Impact Gravity Pro (after 2 months already) since they started to make a cracking noise when using them. Very annoying :wink: