Freewheel 29" wheelset (Nimbus hub)

After buying too many freewheel hubs, I have no need for this wheelset any more.

It consists of:

  • KH Freeride 29" rim
  • Nimbus Disk Freewheel hub
  • Upgraded bearings (17x42x12) so spacers are no longer required
  • 180mm Shimano disk (SM-RT66-M)

It’ll be sold with the KH plastic rim tape but not the tyre or tube.

Looking for a very reasonable £75 plus shipping in the UK.

I’m not prepared to ship the whole wheel overseas.
I am prepared to sell just the hub.
I may be prepared to ship just the hub overseas.

Interested in the hub!

I’ve replied to your PM.

Hub sold to Vogelfrei80