i was just wondering…do you need a splined hub for freestyle uni…the reason i ask is because when i get my trials i will have a norco uni that will just sit there and i could easily buy a flatcrown frame and use it for freestlye…whta do you think?


Splined hubs for freestyle arent very good i dont think because of the extra weight from them. They are usually unnescessary because all of the freestyle is mostly flatland stuff (i.e. not big drops or anything like that).

the q-factor in splined cranks is also an issue, as well as expense in some cases.

I agree that splined are not necessary for freestyle. Too, cotterless is significantly cheaper.


ok ill jusr buy a new frame for my norco then…thanks guys

yea u dont need a splined hub, but you may also need to change the tire. like for me i cant glide when theres no grip on the tire and its all smooth. i use the maxxis hookworms.