Freestyling [2]


Yesterday, I filmed a little bit of freestyling thinking I would make some RAW clips or something … but then I decided to make an actual short video. I would have liked to get more footage, but when you filming alone, I find it tricky, because you kind of have to guess where you are…

Anyways … here are the links.




you have to unprivate it

Thanks. I changed that. Vimeo isn’t done converting … so watch it on UTV. Or … if you have to … watch it on YouTube.


Really cool video, your riding was very flowy. I loved all the stand up combos, they were varied and original. The only little bad side about the riding was the quantity of hops while on the wheel, but I can understand.

The filming and editing were simple but fresh. And the music ! Very strange, but I liked it.

Nice video, summer is here, make some more, please !


Awesome, loved it. I really wish I could coast and standup ww like that.:slight_smile:

I could coast.

In my dream last night:p

liked this vid very much, it had something… chill :stuck_out_tongue:
your standup wheelwalks are amazing

Whoa that’s weird i had that dream also couple days ago :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

cool video Isaac. You’re really good in Stand up WW. I dont have much to say…Good vid! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a common dream :stuck_out_tongue: I always dream of ding high speed coasting through my street

umm what happened to vimeo?

Thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile:

I took it off vimeo because the ratio was all screwy. I’ll play around with some exporting and put it on vimeo again, and link it.

About the coasting … well I used to have dreams that I could coast :wink: But, now I can … and it’s the most fun!

Hugo and Émile, I would like to minimize the hops on the wheel, I guess it’s just a matter of practice…

Thanks again, :slight_smile: