freestyle wheelset on trials frame?

i bought a awesome new trials uni (thnx to gary land) and i love it. but i have been having alot of fun doing some freestyle and i have decided my next uni will be a freestyle, not that i don’t love trials, it is just the freestyle is awesome aswell. i was thinking instead of getting a whole new uni, i could just buy a freestyle wheelset and swap them back and forth. i have a good frame and a velo seat, so i thought that doing this would save a far bit of money.
i was just wondering if anybody does this (two wheelsets sharing one frame) and will it work, just basicly what you think about my idea.

PS i didn’t know what all the “tylercox hates” had against him until i watched his “idiots” video then i saw what a little such and such he was (even though he is so much better then me at freestyle, he is just plain annoying, well thats my 20c) :angry:

It may work, depending on which kind of frame you have got. If its a ‘no name Taiwanese’ frame it should be no problem. If its a GP/Summit frame you should investigate whether you can get bearings with the correct ID and OD to fit on a square taper hub, before getting the wheel built up.

Other than that I reckon its preferable to have two complete unicycles rather than one frame with two wheelsets, as you’ll be forever changing between them. Either that or one will end up gathering dust in a corner somewhere…

I agree with Tony. i have two sets of cranks for my 24" Muni to swap between trials and Muni (170mm) and cross country (140mm) Some how the effort of swapping between them stops me from doing it very often. Also check that a trials tyre will fit in your freestyle frame, some of them are made to fit very tightly over the tyre and won’t take a 2.5"


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lol…sorry about that. That was a LONG time ago and I’m a LOT less annoying now! Hopefully you won’t hate me like a few other people do.

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swaping out wheels is totaly possible, you just have to put alot of thought into it. try and get a hub the same width as the Trials wheel and bearing size etc. things like that.

i swap between a 24x3 and a 26x2.215 on my Hunter frame.

i’ll be the judge of that.

The freestyle wheel and trials wheel are going to have different crank lengths. Every time you change the wheel you’re also going to need to change the seat height. That can get to be a pain especially when switching to the freestyle mode because just a few mm difference in seat height can feel like a lot. Trials seat height isn’t so fussy.

The other problem is that the effort required to change the wheel and seat height may keep you from making the switch as often as you would initially expect. Who wants to spend 15 minutes fiddling with a wheel change and seat height change every time you want to switch from trials to freestyle?

Its a pretty good idea if your on a tight budget. The second wheel you can use in your 1st frame for now and if/when you have the funds you can get a frame for it that suits it and your riding style*. I have a racing wheel that fits the frame of my 29er or my trials, but I hardly ever race seriously so it not worth having a frame dedicated to it. I don’t do much bouncing either so that wheel too is not a permenant fixture in that frame. In fact I rather like the Leo White idea of owning a load of bits and assembling the best uni for the job at hand out of those bits,


  • not every one likes having the anglular frame shoulders that trails unis so often have, I hate them for hockey as they bruise my knees, so my chosen frame for a 20 inch has rounded shoulders.

3 reasons.

  1. someone that doesnt have as much money to burn.

  2. someone that likes to swap wheels and likes the 15 minute process.

  3. because its a totaly reasonable thing to do.