freestyle wheelset in KH frame?

Has anyone used a 20" freestyle wheelset in a KH trials frame? I now have the pieces to put together a 20" wheel using a Koxx One ISIS hub and am thinking about trying a different frame for it (currently have Nimbus X). I don’t have the room or funds to have too many unicycles around, so this will have to be a sort of “do all” 20" for the moment. Sometime down the road I’ll put together a trials wheelset, so I’d like to accommodate for that. If anyone has a picture of a freestyle wheelset in a KH frame I’d be very interested in seeing what the clearance around the tire looks like. I’m riding freestyle and mild street, so I’m looking for something relatively strong and light that will fit a tire possibly as large as the 20x2.35" Big Apple. The Nimbus X frame I’m using is fine, but I’m not sure if it will work with the Koxx hub and 42mm bearings or with the bigger tire. If anyone has any information on this, or has any other frame recommendations for my needs, I’d be glad to hear from you.


The Bearings will fit, this is something that has been talked about alot, the only worry would be the tire clearance, but I think you should be fine for that aswell. If you already have the frame though its something you could just go ahead and try.

I believe that the 19 inch tire is actualy just a smaller rim and in the end the overall diameter of the inflated tire is the same but I may be wrong. Plus isn’t the Kh frame big enough to accomodate a 2.7 inch tire? If so I would imagine that it could fit a 20".