Freestyle vs Trials?!?

what is the diffrance between frestyle and trials tricks?

A freestyle 24" isn’t really useful for anything probably the worst combination of week parts for tire size.

thats dosnt really answer my question…

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freestyle is usually in a gym, and does not involve trials. Freestyle deals with tricks such as wheel walking and idling.

Trials does not involve tricks. Trials is all about hopping from one object to another, pedal/ crank grabs, and riding skinnies.

You edited your post. You said something about your 24 inch being the best at what. I answered it, but you changed your question.

The tricks themselves are the same. Don’t let anyone tell you one trick is strictly Freestyle and another is strictly Street. It’s how they are performed that makes the difference. Freestyle is intended as a performance, with an audience and entertainment value. Street can also be a performance, but that is not the main intent. Freestyle is done on a flat floor; anything other than that must be provided by the rider. Street is performed on a combination of flat ground (usually paved, not a gym floor) and obstacles. Good street uses both the obstacles and the flat ground.

Any trick that can be used in a Street performance can be used in a Freestyle performance, and vice-versa. Anything that existed before Street came along can be called Freestyle, but everything that came after we had this thing called ‘Street’ can still be Freestyle, since Freestyle can include anything.

A 24" wheel, if anyone still wants to know, can do some nice stuff in Freestyle, but may be a hindrance for Street.

trials is more fun
anything that is fun is trials … anything annoying and boring to learn must be freestyle!(sarcasm :P)

freestyle is all showy tricks that can be organized to flow together really well
street is tricks that don’t really have transitions… say do a hickflip to a varialflip, you would have to hit the ground and jump again to do the varialflip, but in freestyle there are cool transitions from trick to trick

trials is pushing your limits to do some insane jumps, and depending on the rider can be really flowy looking, but not so much as freestyle. The Manifesto (one hop for each jump, no prehops) is a flowy-type style while a beginner with 50 prehops is not so flowy and IMO doesn’t look nearly as good

I figure trials is jumping around on stuff, freestyle is flat tricks (walking the wheel etc.). Street is a combination of the two. That’s my two cents, peace out.