freestyle vids

heres a short clip of me uniin. i have a awesome 1 minute vid that should be on this site soon ill post on here. this one is only like 6 secs long. cut and paste \l/

heres a motorcycle trials vid also very short (6 secs). its of me doing 5 things on the backwheel only. preatty awesome. worth a look…tell me what you think

opps…forgot the link

That’s not traditional freestyle. It’s more like street or Open X style freestyle. :slight_smile:

YES…i got the whole vid on there now…i didnt no what to call it…anyway heres the whole vid, 1 min. turn up the volume…in the top left go to kh uni movie

anyone see it yet?

im too lazy to join and become a member

post your video in the gallery



I saw it. It was good. The 180 on that thing then off and vice versa got a bit repetitive. Did you build that pipe yourself? Also the motorcycle trials was extremely impressive. Keep it up. Its actually really easy to sign up you just gotta give name and e-mail I think.


thanks darchibald. i have more motorcycle riding but havent got around to putting them up…because its takes super long with my s l o w connection. it was a first vid so it wasnt perfect, but i thought it turned out preatty good. i have the vid with a little better quality but that site wont take its file type. my brother and his friends built the halfpipe and it was 7 ft but then we cut it down…i wanted to put it on the gallery but for some reason it doesnt let me. like darchibald said its easy to sign up…need email and make a name and password.

cool video. wheres the motorcyle trials tho?


Your uni vid was pretty good, but the dirt bike trials, nniiiccee. I’ve only seen one other person moto like that and he was in a pro video. Keep up the trials, and I think you could be in a video.

Hey thanks i am actually a national champion for motorcycle trials (ES class) and now ride expert…hopefully pro in 06. heres the vid of motorcycle but ill probably have a whole vid of that up soon.

heres the whole motorcycle vid…it basicly that short clpi above but another time in slomo and in another view with music and one other line… in teh upper left click the down arrow and select “backwheel movie”

Wow, just like in Elastomania.

same went for me…


sorry the gallery doesnt work for me