Freestyle Video

I made a video but couldnt upload it to grr so went to your tube instead.



that was pretty good. i liked that that mount when you went from tire to pedals but you tried a unispin in between.

cool, who is the music by?


I liked that sideways hand ww ballance to hop on tire thing…That was cool. And that donkey kick bail looks like it hurt alittle, your so close!
Great vid!


loved it all as usual trevor. something most people may blow off is that side ride, but that really impressed me. youre really good man!

Amazing, your videos are inspiring. I love the way you are so good at freestyle and street, nice skills.


that was tight

nice :smiley:

I want to get good at freestyle after watching that!

i’ll second that.

Could you upload it to google video too so that I could download it? now works so heres link

Thanks for the comments