Freestyle Video

Do you have to pay to use that hall? And are you the only one that uses it? And how osten do you use it? And… you are great! XD

My Town is really great. I can practise there for the World Championships for free. I submitted a request. :slight_smile: I always practise after school on Thuersday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s very sad that I have to practise everytime alone. Because of that one has to be ambitious too. :slight_smile:


yee you’re great

Whoa! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone ride a unicycle like that before!

The standup pirouettes really got me.

Could anyone score me some magura cranks in the US?
Preferably for less money than KHs and no shipping :roll_eyes:
7130 yen? Maybe a bit too much.

I might end up casting some of my own. Any takers for extras I might make?


that was great!

Nice video!

The cranks are so small it doesnt even look like you are pedaling :stuck_out_tongue: your pedaling right :thinking: ???

Great video!
Especially the standup stuff is totally amazing.

Makes me really think about getting shorter cranks :stuck_out_tongue: