Freestyle Video

I’ve made a Freestyle Video today. :slight_smile:



Wow… Im Flippin impressed.Awesome vid. I enjoyed it alot.

Are you running like… 70mm Miyata cranks?

No I’m riding with 60mm miyata cranks :smiley:

That was crazy-cool! Really makes me want to get a freestyle uni

Haha… Nice…!

Makes me wanna get a freestyle uni too.

Awesome vid, you should try stand-on-seat coasting! :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried it :smiley: (Coasting on the sattle)
But it’s hard. :wink:

dang, silky smooth! :astonished:

Where did you get those cranks!? i want to try on my Coker :roll_eyes:

The standing w-w to side-ride transition was reallly cooooool.

Are you Japanese?

Seriously though, you are awesome. I saw you at Unicon, and I was like wow, you are really cool, and now I’m like wow… you are really really cool!


That was incredible. You made my jaw drop a few times.

Really awesome video. Yet another reason why I am continuing to pursue freestyle riding.


It’s Stand up gliding to side ride :slight_smile:

Yes I’m from Switzerland

A friend in Japan bought the cranks for me. But you can it buy on the Internet too.

awesome vid :astonished:
really nice:D

when i’ll have enough money i’ll get some 50mm :smiley:

Maybe I’ll buy too.

Well Done!

Well done Philipp!
Very smooth and impressive. I like the backward wheel walk.