Freestyle Video - Latency

Nick van Bockxmeer (nickvb123) and I noticed a distinct lack of freestyle videos on these forums recently. Trials and street seem to have really taken over, so we decided to help fill the gap with a pure freestyle video. Nick does all the riding because anything I can do, he can do it a lot smoother and he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve. So I took the role of camera-man for the video.

The video is encoded with XviD to reduce the file size and to get the correct file sizes I wanted to be available as downloads. This means you will have to download XviD in order to play the video (DivX may also be able to play it, but don’t take my word for it.) Best thing to do if you are unsure is download the video first and if it does not play, download and install the codec:

There are two different versions available:
Right click the link » Save target as
Latency - High Quality - Encoded with XviD [49.2mb]
Latency - Low Quality - Encoded with XviD [24.6mb]
Firefox Users ( Note: I think it should work if you follow the same procedure as above, and then rename the file main.php to Latency.avi - I’ll try and get back to you on this)

If you are unsure about installing codecs, have a look at these pages:

If you have looked through that and decided you really don’t want to install XviD (despite the fact that they are brilliant) or for some reason cannot play the above files, then the video is also available on YouTube:


The links don’t work for me.

Right click on those (like you said to do) just lets me save an html file.


ARGH links dont seem to be a working. I guess we’ll just have to settle for the youtube version for now, the quality is good enough anyway.

Hopefully we’ll fix it up so you can download the full movie rather than just streaming it from youtube.

Please watch and enjoy the movie.


wow, that was really good. the gliding at the bgginning was crazy! keep making more videos.


What browser are you using, firefox tries to save a file named main.php which I think is actually the video in disguise, I’m going to try downloading it and then changing the extension to .avi which I think should work.

As for Internet Explorer 6 which should be the most common browser, it worked perfectly for me. If anyone else has any trouble with it please just leave a note here and say what browser you’re using.

I think I know what the problem is now, I think this is some form of session variable in the URL g2_GALLERYSID=6803e77832ffdeb025c6dd71732db2b9 other people that have got theirs working seem to have a nicer string there… not sure how to fix it, but until then use the YouTube stream.

It’s nice to finally see some freestyle videos. Since that is the style that created street and trials.

HAHA, I watched this yesterday. I just happened to find it on youtube. It is crazy…You can go backwards on a bc way better than I can.
Are you that guy from OWA?

thats some hardcorer freestyle… i really respcect that… good job!!!

Yeah i was just experimenting with pushing off from a static start and we filmed for a few minutes and i started going further and further.

OWA??? I dont think so, the only WA im from is Western Australia.

Hopefully make another in the summer holidays after my final school exams are finished. I’ll have a couple of months off to get down some new tricks.

He won’t admit it, but we havn’t had much practise riding the BC. I think the fact that he was able to go backwards that far comes from backwards freestyle skills, like backwards glide.

except im still not that good at backwards glide i can’t get 10m yet at my best.

Still would help a great deal, now get on Xfire you joker.

i can’t today i have to “study” :roll_eyes:

Oh, I meant one wheel addiction, maybe not…

ohhh no that wouldn’t be me :smiley:

what a comliment!!!

I just looked it up…it was another guy named Nick that I was thinking of (he spells it Nic I think) and you both do freestyle and are in Aus so I was close enough:D

Nic Vevers i think his name is.

That was some really excellent riding. Grest video!

great riding!
I can’t yet do a third of what you did in that video, excellent riding.