Freestyle video from Denmark

Here is a new freestyle video from Denmark

There are many more videos here.

I loved it!!!

Great job. =p I also liked seeing all the other unicyclist in the background. It will be kool to ride with a group of people that big.

hey that was great. u should make some more.

Awesome video, wanna see more.

Awesome Video folks!


wow, great video !
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That was so good! I think I have watched it like 3 times now.

You all are very well-balanced people! What an awesome video!

Thanks a lot.
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Kristian, I’ve never seen you ride freestyle, always thought you were a trials rider. Takes a good rider to be good at both.

Great vid guys.


I love freestyle and you’re great riders!

I have done freestyle for many many years, i started doing trials 2 years ago.

It’s good to see more Freestyle vids… It always seems like they don’t get as much play as the trials/street stuff :frowning:

nice :wink: