freestyle unis

I have a 07 KH 20 but I am now considering buying a freestyle uni as well. How much easyer will it be to do freestyle on a freestyle uni compared with my kh? and is it worth the money?

40% and yes.

ok thanks, any suggestions on which I should get? cheeper the beter as long as it is suficient to not limit riding and is avaliable in the uk. thanks again.

I’m not sure where your from but this one is nice.

Yeah, that’s a good freestyle uni. Or you could get the new 07 Nimbus X. It’s a bit better. And now they have one with the chrome frame.

i like the Nimbus X 20" longneck…

not too expencive, nice tight frame, good for gliding and one footed skills, easy to learn on…

crank arms can’t stand up to drops past around 2ft, but you have your KH for that!!!:smiley:

the new nimbus X long neck is great.

Ive had one for a while, and they are the perfect freestyle unicycle imo.

what lengthed cranks are best for freestyle, I am just about to order a freestyle uni so a quick response would be great.

I think 90 and 102 mm are most used but also shorter Cranks are used often.
I think 90 is a good choice.

ok thanks, I will put my order in now :smiley:

I ordered my new freestyle uni with The Wall by Primo 20" Tyre but I have been emailed to say that the one I ordered, the blue one, is out of stock and will only be back in stock in a week. I am thinking of getting it with the Primo V-Monster 20x2.1" which is lighter and has a different tred pattern. has someone used both? which do you prefer? do you think its worth wating a week or ordering it with the other tyre?


I’d wait for the the wall, the extra psi is nice, also especially coming from a trials uni I wouldn’t go much shorter than 112mm for the cranks, its surprisingly short. You can always go shorter later, cotterless cranks aren’t too expensive. I had 114mm cranks on my freestyle which felt incredibly short, almost difficult to ride in comparison to the 125mm on my trials uni.

I decided to go for the 114 cranks in the end. I think I will wait the week then, I realy want to learn to glide though, still I will get my 180flips more consistant and I want to learn to varial flip. thanks.

I have 110 cranks on my 19" trials uni. I think they’re all right. Sometimes you have a little less control, but the extra speed is nice. They look cool too :wink:

Put up some pics when you get it. I like looking at new unis :slight_smile:

110 on a trials, there tiny, do you do much street?

I will put some pics up when I get it although it looks like its going to be a week before they can get the tyre in stock.

good on ya with the 180 flips!!! i am still strugling with the plain flips, but i havent been trying to do them as i have been focusing on other things…

but good effort!!