freestyle unis?

I was wondering, do freestyle unis really help a lot for freestyle tricks?
I was thinking of hopping on wheel, sideways WW, standup WW, gliding, coasting, standup gliding/coasting, pirouettes, WW, and other freestyle tricks I can’t think of.

anybody home?

yes they do, the skinnier tire and lighter weight helps a lot. not saying you can’t do those things with a trials but it sure is nice to have one


I bought a Torker LX and put shorter cranks on it. That is my inexpensive freestyle uni. I works for me. I may yet learn how to ride one-footed.

What do you think?! :slight_smile:

Pirouettes are probably the trick they will help with the most. They are also good for anything where a lighter uni would help.

well ive never really tried one.


Yes, especially if you don’t have another unicycle. Was there some other type of unicycle you meant to be comparing it to?

I have a KH trials, and I was wondering if it would be alot easier to do freestyle tricks compared to that.

We have a young rider in the Memphis Unicycle Club who used to have one unicycle, a trials style. He got a Torker LX and his freestyle skills got better.

Depending on what freestyle tricks you are doing, most are very possible on a trials uni. Freestyle unis are better for pirouettes, spins, and probably stand up stuff. Unless you want to do some really advanced freestyle then you should be fine on a trials uni. I can stand up ww and do alot of other freestyle type things on my trials.

ok, well that off my list of uni stuff for a while at least. thanks for the help


I disagree. Though you can do most Freestyle moves on a Trials uni, many will be harder. Some will be easier, but the balance will be on the harder side. The weak points in a Trials uni for Freestyle are:

  • heavy in general
  • heavy wheel
  • long cranks
  • wide Q-factor
  • pedals and tire usually make it impossible to ride indoors

Riding on a nice gym floor is very different from the average outdoor pavement, if you have that option. A lightweight, stiff wheel with a high pressure tire will make lots of tricks easier to learn, and easier to do.

I actually have access to a gym that I can ride in w/ my trials uni. I think a freestyle uni would be nice to have, but right now a BC is first on my list of things to get.

My 2.5 cents

Mornish, if freestyle unis didn’t help for freestyle tricks why would they even

sell freestyle unis. Of course they help. But, Mornish, you aren’t good enough

to really need one. Save $ for a bc. Maybe wait till after your Bar Mitzvah

and then get a MUni instead. Don’t bother with a freestyle uni.

When I made that post my main uni was my trials and I had never ridden a freestyle to actually do tricks on so I figured that I was doing fine on my trials and a freestyle uni wasn’t really needed for that stuff.

Since then I bought Evan’s street uni (its basically a really strong freestyle with a splined 110mm koxx setup). Everything I do now on that uni is so much easier I am not sure if I will ever ride my trials again. Within my first 20 minutes riding it for the first time I landed 3 540 unispins. I use it for all the flatland/freestyle stuff I do and almost everything is much easier. Crankflip tricks were weird at first with the short cranks and I think longer ones would help but I have control of them now and I think all my crankflip tricks were better than before also.

A few days ago I got back on my fatty trials with summit frame and within a couple minutes I had dropped it back on the floor and picked up that street uni again.

Soon I am planning on getting a twenty-g tire and see how I like it. I am hoping it will be the best mix of a freestyle and trials uni.

what rim will fit that tire?

Any 20" rim.

woah, nice fat tire there! i dont think it would be that nice for freestyle as it would be heavy? and too fat? but would be cool for cruising