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Do you have to get something as expensive as a Wyganowski to have such
a small tyre clearance? And can you get Wyganowskis in the UK?

I started learning stand-up stuff years ago, but I’ve hardly got
anywhere (about 4 metres), mostly because I never seem to have a
square-forked unicycle for long enough. It seems to me that the
distance to the tyre is the most important thing, but everyone good
seems to have Miyatas, which don’t look easy at all. So, could someone
who can do stand-up things advise me please? Would like to not spend
very much. I liked my Qu-Ax, but it was really breaky.

this shop sells a frame which also has a small clearance. It is hard go get a finger between frame and tire. I ride this frame by myself, too. And it is much cheaper than a Wyganowski!
I am sorry this shop is in german. But you can email the guys from this shop, they will answer you in english.



Ruhrpott Unitrials

I do all of my stand up stuff on a Nimbus II frame . It is not quite standard, but not far off.
I used to have a flat top DM, which was really nice, but I actually found it was too close to the tyre and I would drag my toes every now and again.
I know what you mean about the Miyata, I find them too small for my feet. Same goes for the Nimbus X frame , although I know a lot of people have no problem with these.
You also have a new the option of the Koxx frame.


For actually doing stand-up WW, you actually don’t need to have your foot really close to tyre and you definately don’t need a long necked frame. It can be a disadvantage as your feet will actually hit each other as you ride.
The basic technique is to place your frame foot so that the instep is hard up against the frame with your heel dipped and toes high. This does 2 things, it means that your hips are square and that your driving foot is in a natural position. The driving foot then can also fit in close to the frame at almost a right angle to the direction of travel underneath the frame foot.
If you come to one of the uni-meets I could show you (I am not at the next one though - off riding).