Freestyle unicyles..What's the deal????

I was checking out wheni checked out the free style expert unicyles. Look how long the neck/seatpost is. Being the unicyclist that lives in the suburbs and rides street I have no idea what is going on with those unis. Can any free style unicyclists help me out here???

This is just an optical illusion! The 20 inch Miyata freestyle uni takes a special extesnion adapter to fit most adults. The extention makes the neck look longer is all! Also the neck on a 20 uni needs to be longer then for larger wheel sized uni (like say a 24 or 26 inch) to make up for the difference in tire to seat height. :sunglasses:

I also understood that freestyle unis like Wagonowskis (sorry if spelling is wrong) come custom fitted so that the a minimum amount of post is required. This adds strength, looks better (you can powder coat the whole uni), and keeps the seat clamp hidden under the seat so that less things can catch on it.