freestyle unicycle

hey i need a freestyle unicycle
im 13 and i weigh 90 pounds so do i need a lightweight unicycle or wat
also im exactly 5 feet tall

willing to spend around 150 bux


Hey ski4life911, Let me be the 1st to welcome you to To answer your question. If your lucky you might be able to afford a Torker LX or CX if your lucky.

I would agree with Unitik908 about the Torker as i mentioned above

Hoped that help. Feel to ask me or any else any questions you may have. :smiley: :smiley:
Take care now and merry X-Mas my friend.

Howโ€™d you break your learner?

Donโ€™t get the LX unless you budget in a better seat (gel or KH Freeride). The stock seats are bricks.

Better yet get a Nimbus for about the same price as a LX + new seat. $147 vs. $148

LX/Miyata style seats are considered one of the best freestyle seats.

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