freestyle unicycle

hey i want to get a freestyle unicycle, but i need some advice

i want to get it around 100-150 dollars , and last a long time

also, im 13 and weigh 90 lbs so i guess i need a light unicycle? or wat

also i want to no were i can get the unicycle the cheapest

thx :slight_smile:

Yer I would like to get into freestyle riding aswell i dont really have a clue so im just going to learn on my trials.

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as always, torker lx is great but if you save up 25 more dollars you can get the nimbus x for 175

I have a 20" Miyata for sale. It’s in very good condition. Miyata’s are considered excellent freestyle unicycles. I’d take $100 + shipping. I’m in Virginia, zip code 22939. I can get pics if you’re interested.

i’m semi- interested pdc, pics? stats?

go for PDC’s offer, ski4life.
Miyatas are great freestyle unicycles, and PDC is a great seller.
I bought my coker from him, he doesn’t dissapoint.