Freestyle unicycle

I am planning to buy/Build a freestyle unicycle in the near future.

I am looking for the best but still inexpensive components.
Here is what I have so far please make any suggestions of any other components that you think will be better.

Pedals: United Deluxe Non-Marking

Cranks: Qu-Ax Lightweight Alloy Crank Arms 114mm

Hub: 48-Spoke Wide Chromoly Hub

Rim: Suggestions please (preferably a wider one)

Tire: Maxxis Hookworm or Primo The Wall (help)

Frame: Semcycle XL 20-inch Freestyle Frame with Long Neck

Seat: KH or Miyata (Which is better for freestyle?)

Well I would go with the miyata it is much more used asa freestyle but that is all I can help with…


You might want to use 125mm cranks to start. They are great all-around freestyle cranks for all sorts of skills, playing hockey, and especially unispins. I would reccomend getting 125s, then trying out 110s or something in the future. Although 114mm might be fine to jump into.

Other riders gave me the advice that you don’t really need a 48 spoke wheel with freestyle… 36 is fine. so keep that in mind.

Rim? how about one of those nimbus rims…

Primos rock… although I think I am attracted to the colors more than the actual technical tire qualities… :stuck_out_tongue:

Right-on on the frame!

Try and buy an old miyata seat from someone!

one of those will be for sale tonite on the auction part of this site :wink:

Jess…48 rules! dont listen to those other losers :o

“The Nimbus II 20-inch, 36-Spoke Wheel”, or “Nimbus II 20-inch, 48-Spoke Wheel” are a great value, The 48 spoke one has a wider hub.

  • How much better is a hand built wheel than ones like the nimbus?
  • Are there any disadvantages to a 48 spoke wheel? The weight can’t be that much more.
  • If I were to get a rim and not a complete wheelset which rim would be best? Where can you get a 20" Alex DX32?
Also I have 4 extra 125mm cranks already and I wanted some smaller ones, I can always switch them. The Primo The Wall tire comes in a wider size (which I like) Does the Hookworm have any advantages over it?

Re: Freestyle unicycle

Expect a machine-built unicycle wheel to go a little out of true
during the first ride due to inadequate “stress relieving”. In the
long run, the lower tension of a machine-built wheel makes it more
likely to go out of true and to break spokes.

The components in the Nimbus II wheel look like they are more than
adequate for freestyle riding. You could buy one and have it
tensioned and trued to hand-built quality by an ace wheelbuilder for
probably $10-$20.

I checked the UDC web site and I don’t see any indication that the 48
spoke Nimbus has a wider hub than the 36. This is probably a good
thing since the standard “wide” UDC hub fits the Semcycle XL frame.
Use of the “super wide” UDC hub will probably require adjustment of
the frame, and is not likely to benefit a 20" wheel.

I think the European and Taiwanese cranks have slightly different
tapers. You want the Taiwanese taper to go with the UDC hub. I
assume Qu-Ax are European.

And last, I prefer the Miyata seat for freestyle.


I think the setup you use may depend partly on exactly what kind of freestyle you want to do, and where you want to do it.

I suggest getting a 48-spoke wheel, simply because it looks better.
For the tire, if you want to ride in a gym, get the Primo, definately. I doubt the Hookworm is non-marking. Outdoors, the Hookworm looks great, corners great, and glides great, but the Primo is probably just as good, or better, since it’s wider. (my experience is with the 2.5 inch wide Hookworm 24" tire)
The KH seat works fine for freestyle. The bumpers are bigger than the Miyata, (I think) and take a lot of seat dragging on concrete. It also has great support for hand wheel-walking, but is a little awkward for sideways ww.
The Nimbus II is a good, strong freestyle unicycle. I have the 24", and my brother is about to get the 20" model. The components, especially the wheelset would go good on any freestyle uni.

I don’t think there’s a 20" Alex DX32 that’s compatible with “Hookworm” or “The Wall”. The only DX32 rims I know of are slightly smaller than regular 20" rims and only accepts trials tires. I may be wrong, but check with the supplier before you buy it.

Alex does make a 20" version of the DX32. Here’s the web page that shows the sizes available: Alex DX32 specs. It’s available in a 20" with 36 or 48 spokes.

But I don’t know how well that wide rim would work with a normal tire as used for freestyle (like the Primo The Wall tire). I think the DX32 would be a bit too wide for that tire. You don’t need a super wide rim for freestyle.

Almost any of the wider alloy double walled BMX rims will work well for a freestyle unicycle. Just stay away from the skinnier BMX rims used for racing. Look for the wider ones used for BMX freestyle and dirt jumping.

You will also want to consider what kind of finish and colors are on the rim. That will depend on how you want to style the unicycle. There are shiny silver rims (looks like chrome), dull silver, shiny black, dull black, white, and a multitude of other colors. If you’re going for a specific look your choice may be more constrained by the available colors and finish than the other specs.

I have the DX32 rim on my Semcycle XL long neck. It came with a hookworm tire (available in 20" orange/gray for definite non-marking) and I’ve since switched to a Primo The Wall tire, 2.1". both tires fit the rim. I haven’t noticed significant differences in performance of the two tires.

My wheel is a 48 spoke, Kovachi built. It has not needed any truing in the past year of riding. I have been working on kick up mounts and pulled off/attempted a few mounts where you stand on the side of the wheel and mount (forget the mount name). Wheel has stayed true for this abuse. I also like the 48 spoke look. This is the USA, and more is ALWAYS better, isn’t it? :sunglasses:


This unicycle will be used a lot in a gym, but also on pavement. I also have a 24x2.5 Hookworm which would be awesome if it came in 20x2.5. I like wider things better so ill probably go with the primo.

Ken Cline- You were right about them having the same hub. But, the nimbus trials comes with the same hub and the QU-AX cranks. My brother has that unicycle and the cranks seem to fit on the hub very good.

If I get the nimbus wheel set should I ride it for a while then get it trued/tensioned of do it right away?
I have looked all over and cant find a 20" (Not the MOD rim) Alex DX32 rim I know its out there because I have seen people with it.

Re: Freestyle unicycle

“KcTheAcy” <> writes:

> Ken Cline- You were right about them having the same hub. But, the
> nimbus trials comes with the same hub and the QU-AX cranks. My brother
> has that unicycle and the cranks seem to fit on the hub very good.

Maybe I need to try the Qu-Ax cranks :slight_smile:

> If I get the nimbus wheel set should I ride it for a while then get it
> trued/tensioned of do it right away?

Have it trued it right away, the only downside is paying sooner.


yeah, my orange and grey Hookworm is non-marking.