freestyle unicycle

how do you set up a freestyle unicycle: seat rim hub pedals and frame?

Seat: One without a front handle (just a bumper) is preferrable, as handles can get in the way.
Rim: Strong.
Hub: A good square taper should do, unless you do lots and lots of hopping.
Pedals: If you plan to ride indoors, plastic with pins. If you’re learning lots of new tricks, consider something with less (or no) pins. Your legs will thank you!
Frame: The most important consideration is a good place to put your feet. Low crown is good, but super-low can make it hard to keep your foot off the tire. A long neck can also be useful, to eliminate the clamp from that middle area. I used to take chunks out of my inner knees from the clamp!

i have sun Lerner would that work?

The sun learner would work for a start. You might want to put some grip tape on the crown to help with learning one footed skills. Make use of what you’ve got and your skills will improve. You can upgrade as you learn.

I disagree about not having a handle- I like it sometimes, but I’m not the best freestyler.
Seat- non marking
Hub- isis for more crank choices
Pedals- nice round Runber pedals!
Frame- square crown.

it has a crank issue and no rear bumper

Adapt your freestyle routine to avoid the rear bumper and the bad cranks. :stuck_out_tongue:

J/k it sounds almost time for a new unicycle- what is the issue with the crank is it loose? You could replace the broken parts. Get short cranks, and fix or replace the seat if need be.

the cranks got cracked and then it got welded so they are kinka ok sorta. i am looking at a club

A club 20" is a great place to start freestyle unicycling in my opinion, but it still doesn’t have the long neck frame, which is mostly only a drawback if you do stand-up skills or are very tall. The Eclipse has all the best parts but costs four times as much.

If you get the club you could also look at buying the Nimbus X 20" BLK Frame - it is reduced from $62.00 down to $10.00 but you would also need $8.00 UDC Bearing Adapters - 40mm / 42mm since the Club has 40mm bearings, oh and you might need a 22.2mm seatpost too.

i think i would need a longneck i am 6’2.5

How would the Torker LX Pro with the long neck fair as a freestyle uni? I am not very familiar with them, but it has ISIS cranks, CrMo frame, low flat crown, and is priced at $170.

wana buy me one?

and just ask qu ax for a local dealer…these unis are cheap and robust…and you can just take of the front handle and replace it with a bumper or mod it…