freestyle unicycle options

I’m not looking to spend 1500.00, but not looking for junk either. I’m a new rider who is looking for a good 20" freestyle unicycle, I’m 260# and 6’1" so It has to be strong and of quality. Could someone recomend a good entry level uni, that I could upgrade as I go, or a nice midlevel unicycle that would fit my needs. It will be used for street, tricks, and parades. If anyone has a really good used one for sale, scratches don’t bother me. This isn’t my first and wont be my last unicycle, so i’m not super pickey.

Perfect, cheaper than going with nimbus, generally the most recommended ride to beginners. Koxx is on par with the best unicycles there are, some of the best riders use that unicycle. And that one looks sweet.

Really no need to change anything other than the cranks, but that is all preference, those ones are plently strong and will take anything you will throw at them. Might want longer cranks for trials, or street cranks for flat.