Freestyle Unicycle (koxx-one)

A beautiful custom made Koxx-One freestyle unicycle is for sale!


Saddle: Luxury
Seat Tube: Reinforced 250mm
Seat Clamp: 2 Bolts (gold)
Frame: Signature 500mm (alu) (black painted, looks really cool)
Hub: Isis Reinforced
Cranks: Isis Light 90mm
Pedals: Standard Plastic Pedals (black)
Spokes: 2.0 (black)
Rim: "20 Freestyle (gold)
Rim Tape: Black
Tire: Kikzumbut 20-1.95

I have been using this uni for one year, and I love it very much, I learned almost all of my tricks with this uni, and its perfect for both flatland AND freestyle riding.
The reason I’m selling it, that I want to do some trials, and with this uni its impossible (I mean it would break some parts in the uni very soon)

It has no broken parts, everything is fine about this one.

If you have questions, feel free to ask by email:


Where are you from? And how kuch are you wanting?

If these questions are answered it would help:)

judging from his username I would say he is from Hungary. (.hu is hungary)

I’m from Hungary and I don’t really understand the other question, sorry x)

Sorry spelling mistake I meant how much u wanting?

Around 250-280 EUR ( It’s a quite fair price I think)